Earlier this year in a blog post. The concept of the Engagement Economy was proposed, which is the interconnected, digital world we see today that demands a personable approach to how we communicate with buyers as marketers and brands.

Extending past the buyer, existing customers today yearn to be wanted and understood. They value long-term relationships and synchronize with brands that care about their wellbeing and consciously choose to connect with them on every channel and touchpoint.

Focus on Value, Not Volume

To illustrate these kinds of connections that I’m referencing, allow me to share two who are consistently demonstrating immense value:

TOMS shoes have reached success in large part because of what the brand believes in and the ethos it represents. You purchase a pair of shoes and, they donate a pair of shoes to children who desperately need shoes.

Amazon has sensationalized almost all the pain people despised about retail—little selection, slow delivery, an inefficient checkout process and transformed them into competitive advantages in the marketplace.

These companies have mastered how they connect with buyers in an incredibly meaningful manner. The stories behind each brand give each customer an emotional reason to engage.

Engage Customers by Following These Nine Commandments

Truthfully, the values associated with our brands is from our customer’s experience. These rules are as follows:

ONE: Actively listen. Consistently retrieve your customer’s perspective via every possible channel.

TWO: Keep an open mind and learn. Absorb every single piece of data you collect from your customers and potential customers.

THREE: Take action on the insights you’ve created. Deal with your customers the way they expect you to.

FOUR: Customers create the engagement journey; you aren’t in control of the destination.

FIVE: Define the values of your organization and stick to them.

SIX: The company has plenty of moving parts, and everyone gets the opportunity to influence the engagement process—whether it be for good or evil. Always choose what’s right for your brand.

SEVEN: To distinguish what your brand represents. Your organization has no choice but to stand behind specific principles. You, as a spiritual being, must do the same.

EIGHT: Any outbound content you create for your customer, it could be a video, email, or infographics, whatever it is shouldn’t require your company to be vetted by some feedback. Things move quickly, and hyper-reactivity means this is a necessary component for your content to speak volumes.

NINE: The world is moving at an unforeseen velocity, the pace accelerates normality, perspectives, taste levels, beliefs, and biases. Never assume that the idea you held to be true yesterday is factual today. Accept the facts in your organization to keep the DNA fresh. It’s an absolute must.


These suggestions require practice, so begin sketching out your engagement plans. Tailor each plan towards your organization. We must engage our customers. We shouldn’t market to them. Engage early, connect with them everywhere, and do so with a sense of purpose every single time.


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