LinkedIn is the most vital network for small business owners. This network must be utilized strategically to grow and scale your brand. Develop an optimized marketing strategy for generating qualified leads on LinkedIn. Statistica stated: LinkedIn during Q3 of 2016 had approximately 467 million users. The opportunities are ripe.

Here are six actionable tips you can implement today to take your business to the next level:

Show Your Connections You Care

Every single skill on your LinkedIn profile has a plus sign beside it. When, and if your connections click on the plus sign its recorded as an endorsement, which provides social proof and credibility you possess the skills you claim to have.

Acquiring endorsements is as simple as endorsing others. The favor is likely to be reciprocated, and as time progresses, you can gain up to hundreds of endorsements utilizing this method.

Ask for Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations are equivalent to testimonials in your profile. Request recommendations after you execute a service for someone. Visit the individuals LinkedIn profile and click the “More” icon. Locate the “Request a Recommendation” input the necessary information, and deliver the request.

Advertise Your Services

Secure finances for an advertising budget, and begin using Sponsored Updates. Pay per 1000 impressions or per-click. Choose your targeting options wisely. You can target by job position, business size, skillset, and industry.

Remain Consistent with Posting

Deliver content that your market craves and enjoys. Join groups that have members of your targeted demographic. Devote time to reading their posts, find out what problems they have encountered. This way, you can offer a wide range of solutions. Address customers pain points immediately, it’s the only way to stand out and build a valuable reputation in the marketplace and share news about your company.

Have Employees Post Content and Make Your Profile Visible

Your employees are your most valuable asset. They possess insights that you won’t see. They also produce informative content that can touch a lot of people. Allow them to publish content on your company’s profile, which will result in you reaching a bigger audience. Additionally, including your employees in the content strategy will make them feel like they’re an integral part of the company’s growth.

Tag Connections and Analyze LinkedIn Data

LinkedIn gives you the ability to tag connections when you publish content. Remember to put @ before the person’s name, and it will notify that person about the content. Don’t abuse this strategy, only tag people when you publish highly-relevant content. Only tag connections when it’s necessary to show your audience you can solve their problem. The “Marketing” tab on your company’s profile keeps track of your analytics. You can see the reach, visitor demographics, engagement, and much more.


LinkedIn is a valuable network to find new employees and make new connections in your respective industry. When these tips followed, you will increase your engagement, and be known as an industry leader. Ultimately, you will reach your marketing goals easier than ever before.


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