Inbound marketing is here to rule.

The reason for this is that prospects are fed up with the onslaught of advertisements that disrupt and don’t deliver real value. What they are looking for instead is quality content that is useful and actionable to their daily lives or business. Inbound marketing techniques are much different that the traditional style of outbound advertising that we are all used to, and is quickly becoming the new normal. Inbound marketing also costs less and generates a much higher ROI, as compared to traditional techniques.

But you can’t win simply by creating truckloads of content. Marketers are now pushing out more content than ever, and the level of competition has also gone up. The only way to cut through the clutter and make yourself standout is by offering real value and then making sure your content gets seen.

Given below are 4 proven strategies that you can use to get your content seen and build engagement.

1. Showcase Premium Content on Your Website

Most websites have a resource section where white papers, tutorials and eBooks are listed, hidden away and confined.

If you have high quality content in your resource section, make a plan to promote them across website for greater visibility. People who are visiting your website are highly likely to have an interest in in-depth information about the topics of their interest.

If you can display your best and most detailed content in areas where it’s sure to be seen, it’s is an excellent tactic to get boost engagement.

2. Use Your Email Signature to Increase Content Visibility

How many emails do you send and receive every day? Probably too many, if you work in an office, yet so many people still ignore the potential of an email signature for content promotion.

Try including links to value-added content in your email signature. Advise each one of your employees to replicate.

Applying this promotion tactic means you’ll expand the reach of your content with every email that you send. You can also choose to alter the content to suit the needs of different recipients.

3. Leverage Ad Retargeting

Retargeting (or behavioral retargeting) is an advertising technique marketers use to target visitors based on their previous online behavior.

If you can drive back people who visited your website previously and offer them some relevant pieces of content, conversions will increase. There are several good marketing platforms that you can use to track visitor activity on your website and then retarget those visitors through online ads, only to bring them back to promote relevant content.

4. Pin Content to Your Twitter Profile

If you want more visitors to click through a certain piece of content on Twitter, pinning a tweet at the top of your feed is a good feature to set up.

The best part – pinning a tweet is free.

Whenever someone lands on your Twitter page, the first few things they see or check out include are your cover photo, your bio – and the latest tweets. Since a pinned tweet appears at the top of a user’s stream, it quickly attracts the attention of the visitor. If you have a nice guide or a good blog post, you can pin it to your Twitter profile and enjoy increased visibility.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that no matter how good the content you create is, you still need to focus more on content promotion and less on content creation. A good way to think about this is if you devote 20% of your time to content production, you should spend 80% of your time on promoting it. If you keep this in mind and test out a few of these strategies it will certainly help you improve the reach of your content and boost engagement.


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